The best way to see BALLOONHAT is in a theater
with all sorts of people you don't necessarily know
If you'd like to host a screening, contact us.


13 December 2006
7 Dudley Cinema
Venice, CA

11 November 2006
Hartford International Film Festival
Hartford, CT

7 November 2006
Peace Week, University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

7-10 September 2006
Rome International Film Festival
Rome, GA

18-24 August 2006
Colonial Theatre
Belfast, ME

4-13 August 2006
Ryder Film Series
Bloomington, IN

15-22 July 2006
Maine International Film Festival
Waterville, ME

21 May 2006
SOWA Film Festival
Boston, MA

1-5 March 2006
Durango Independent Film Festival
Durango, CO

7-11 December 2005
Santa Fe Film Festival
Santa Fe, NM

7-11 December 2005
Global Peace Film Festival
Orlando, FL

7 July 2005
Special Double Bill
8p BALLOONHAT/10p Sex Mob

New York, NY

13 June 2005
Millennium Jam
Mol, Belgium

11 June 2005
Filmstock International Film Festival

Luton, UK


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