from Erika of Orlando, FL

Hello! This e-mail will be a bit long but I
just NEED to express my feelings after
watching the movie... I'm Brazilian and
today watched your film at Loews Cineplex
City Walk at Universal Studios Orlando. At the beginning
I thought it was a movie for kids... then the movie started
and I saw Brasil!.. Couldn't handle it, and a little tear fall.
Not of sadness but I'm in USA about a year and sometimes it's
very hard for me to face the fast-food, electronic, no nature life that we live here, and I keep saying to everybody..."Brasil is beautiful! Might not be perfect or rich in money but our nature and way of life is free of that US overdose of advertisement, and pure is priceless." ...There's really no way for Americans to see that from here because they live here, or when they go to Brasil they see just the "Sao Paulo-Rio de Janeiro" tourist I just couldn't believe when I saw that raw part of my country that only me and Brazilian people know being expressed for all the world to see.

The film shows that we don't need to have a language to speak. Even though language is different everywhere and part of a culture, once you get in that culture and GIVE something that makes them smile you are, even for a moment, part of them.....and at least for one second you stop judging and become EQUAL, sharing the same value. That is very important.

You guys did GREAT on the film. Congratulations!!!


from Mary of Arcadia, CA

Congratulations on an endeavor greater than what this President has been able to accomplish. Right on. And if you’re ever in Arcadia, California, stop in for a home-cooked meal...but hey, ah, e-mail me first...


from Julie B. of Los Angeles, CA

Just read an article about you in the LA Times and went to your site to learn more. Fascinating!!! I love balloons -- they can make anyone smile!
Great pics -- love the shots in Africa & India.


from Dvora of New York

Saw your movie last night at Tonic, and loved the message, the photography and videography, and the warm, endearingly self-aware and self-deprecating protagonist. Thanks.


from Matthew Amster of Gettysburg College

Balloonhat is contagious. I have had the experience of hosting a screening at my college and noted a clear pattern of initial cynicism about the project changing fast to overwhelming enthusiasm. My students and colleages keep asking me about the film and its fate in the commercial marketplace. They universally "get" the point--a journey into the cross-cultural reaction to the balloonhat as an example of how we all need to laugh. The same people who scowl when hearing about the film initially, become passionate about wanting all their friends to see it. I hope that it gets into wider distribution soon and that more people can join in on the journey.


from Shari Epstein of Santa Monica, CA

I followed every link on your website after reading today's article about Addi's work in the LA Times. The photos are magnificent. Can't wait to see the movie. Please continue your wonderful work.


from Dean, Gretchen, Dale and Abe of Stevens Point, WI

Just started making balloon animals for my kids. Wanted some hat ideas; typed in "balloon hats." What a nice surprise! "Laughing is the smile of the world," said it all for me. Enlightenment = Lighten Up! Good Luck and God Bless from Wisconsin.


from Molly of Alabama, USA

I think it's beautiful. Thank you for bringing something special to random adults and children everywhere.


from of palo alto, CA

I found this project fascinating. I have, for a couple of years, taken along balloons when I travel...mostly in small tours. It has opened up spontaneous connections on the streets that seemed the truest, purest of moments.
Please let me know of any screenings in 2006.


from Elisa S. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I happened to come across this story on and found it interesting. I read your adventures in Africa and I think what you have done is wonderful, I can't imagine those peoples faces or what they were thinking. You have found a great way to connect with people without using language. Great Job Guys.


from Flossie the Balloon Lady of New Zealand

Hi there. What an inspiration. Love the idea of this documentary. How can I get to see it here in New Zealand? I am in the process of giving up my office job in order to use balloons to bring smiles to people here in NZ. What a joy it is to be able to give the gift of a smile:-)


from Emil of Delaware

Thank you for your wonderful project, Balloonhat.


from David A. of Austin, TX

Have you ever considered going to D.C. and doing a Shock and Awe on the ASSembled dignitaries? If they had balloon hats on during debate they couldn't possibly authorize any more troop deployments. Disarm their dissembling! Anyway, just a thought.


from Carlo of Roma!

Please Balloonhat,
come back you to my country. I can assure you lots blow jobs. that is correct english yes? thank you.


from Ana - of Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

I was traveling a little through the internet and wanted to know what's new with balloonhat people, so here I am! This is Ana from Belgrade (Natasha's sister) and I just want to say Hi to you all !!! Haven't heard from you in a long time, hope you are doing great! I couldn`t watch the clips, 'cause I must install the program first, looking forward to that!
Planing to travel anywhere soon?


from xander Ashwell of Leicester, UK

amazing amazing stuff.


from rachel kantrowitz of Larchmont, NY

i just wish to reiterate some of this high praise! i too have been happily receiving ur newsletter for years, and i continue to be inspired by the idea of u guys venturing out into the world with balloons in hand, just to make it a better place. its amazing, and i so look forward to seeing this movie! ~~ :)


from Jennifer P. of Los Angeles, Ca.

You guys are right! You can't look at somebody with a balloon hat and not have it bring a smile to your face! I think this is such a great thing your doig for people around the world. Laughing is good therapy, so keep putting smiles on our faces= )


from John Harper of Luton, UK

Hi guys,

Just like to say I really enjoyed the film. It is the kind of film European audiences will go for. When it is on at the cinema again I will definitely watch it again. Try contacting BBC4. I feel you would have a good chance of having it shown on TV here. Best of luck.


from Al F of Central USA

(if this is the same one) I caught a bit of this on cable TV last summer, on what channel I don't know, and was so intrigued I never bothered to start taping it.

I was very interested in buying the proposed coffee table book before finding out about the problems, but I certainly bought the book that eventually came out.

I have been anticipating a DVD of this documentary -- I certainly hope it is an option you are considering!


from Elizabeth Willing of Toronto

I've loved your balloon hats arriving in my email for many years now. I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes to Toronto. Thanks for keeping our hearts warm!


from Sly Arquero of Stockton, CA

If you see someone without a smile,
stop and give them yours.

you guys are great!


from Val Ford of

God, I love you guys.


from Sue of Luton, local library, second floor

yeah i compeletely lost my inhibitions about wearing a hat and i did discuss the state of the cinema afterwards. Evening was great fun and i got great pics. the hat sits now on my mantelpiece, named it spacedog.


from A.G. Vermouth of Luton, UK

Filmstock screening was great fun and inspired viewers to don hats and discuss the state of cinema while listening to loud rock and roll after the movie at Justin's. Thanks to all who came, commented, and conquered their inhibitions by wearing a hat.


from Jonneine of Los Angeles

i visit u thru

thank you, you lifted me today...shared your site with friends

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